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Committee on Publication & Marketing.

Reports to: AMEK Council on a quarterly basis

Terms of reference: The committee shall:
1. ensure regular and timely(Quarterly) production of the AMEK Newsletter in order to extend knowledge, improve practice and facilitate communication in the field of healthcare technology and other related areas. It’s members will work actively to:

  1. solicit contributions
  2. identify suitable reviewers
  3. participate as reviewers
  4. provide input on the content and direction of issues
  5. promote the Newsletter extensively.

2. collect and sample articles from members and institutions for publishing
3. solicit for sponsors from corporate world or individuals and those who wish to advertise to help run the publications
4. give progress reports to the AMEK Council on Quarterly basis and in all the meetings.
5. develop an annual business plan and budget for the following financial year. This will include the planned number of issues for the year and the planned number of committee meetings for the year.
6. carry out other relevant things that can help improve the Newsletter and AMEK at large
7. assist Secretariat to Scan Job adverts for Medical Engineering at all levels and have them on the AMEK website and facebook.

It is the goal of the committee to make the Newsletter financially self supporting. The income component of the budget for the Newsletter will largely consists of advertising revenue.

8. review the website for content and relevancy
9. enhance public private partnership in the sector
10. propose marketing activities that positively promote AMEK and its members
11. provide input and feedback on the development of new publications, and assist with initial development of marketing materials as requested
12. assist with maintaining the Calendar of Events

Membership: The five (5) members of the committee are equal and share responsibility for the work of the committee. The committee comprises:

  • The members are appointed by the AMEK Council on the basis of interest, experience and expertise.
  • Chair: AMEK Council shall appoint


1 Millicent Alooh Nairobi Women Hospital Chairman
2 Albert Kamau Nairobi Enterprise Limited Member
3 Beth Njaramba National Laboratories Member
4 Pascaline Muia Mama Lucy Hospital Member
5 Henry Mwale Mbagathi District hospital member

Term: 3 years but subject to review from time to time

Quorum: 3 voting members

Secretariat: AMEK Headquarters

Meetings: At least twice per year, and teleconferences as required

Distribution of minutes: Members of the committee, the AMEK Council and the Regional Representatives whenever appropriate.