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Committee on Finance and Membership.

Reports to: AMEK Council on a quarterly basis

Terms of Reference: The role of the Finance and Membership Committee is largely to share the workload of the Treasurer in managing and monitoring the Association’s finances. It provides an opportunity for detailed discussion and consideration of financial matters, and also deal with Membership issues with regular reporting to the AMEK Council. It may be given delegated authority for some financial decision-making, but the AMEK Council as a whole remains accountable and must still remain actively engaged in financial matters.

The committee shall:
1. manage the development of the Association’s annual operating budget
2. ensure that the financial policies and procedures of the Association are followed
3. monitor financial performance of the Association against its budgeted revenue and expenditure projections and provide periodic reports and recommendations to Council and the Executive Committee
4. supervise the annual audit of the Association
5. review and recommend changes to fees and dues of the Association
6. review and recommend compensation for Association staff
7. develop investment policies and strategies for consideration to Council
8. act as liaison among Executive Committee, Audit and AMEK Council on financial matters
9. generate ideas for increasing membership and for offering services to existing members which will increase members’ satisfaction and membership renewal.
10. study membership statistics and generate use of membership data base statistics for highlighting areas of concern
11. vet new incoming members
12. develop and implement programs for increasing new membership and member satisfaction.
13. study the reasons for membership attrition with an interest in reducing it.
14. create open channels of communication with the wider membership body, giving particular attention to the inclusive expression of the international non-Kenyan members.
15. develop services which are adaptable to the specific needs of the diverse membership.
16. work to create a viable affiliate network structure which will be satisfying and dynamic for both AMEK and the affiliate organizations.
17. assume other duties and responsibilities that may be assigned by Council or the Executive Committee from time to time

Membership: The five (5) members of the committee are equal and share responsibility for the work of the committee. The committee comprises:

  • The members are appointed by the AMEK Council on the basis of interest, experience and expertise.
  • Chair: AMEK Council shall appoint


1 Salome Mwaura Mbagathi District Hospital Chairman
2 Sellah Aseso Kangundo District Hospital Member
3 Steve Belle KNH Member
4 Ernest Some DVI, Nairobi Member
5 Joyce Mugo Thika DMOH Member

Term: 3 years but subject to review from time to time

Quorum: 3 voting members

Secretariat: AMEK Headquarters

Meetings: At least twice per year, and teleconferences as required

Distribution of minutes: Members of the committee, the AMEK Council and the Regional Representatives whenever appropriate.