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Committee on Ethics and Welfare (EWC).

Reports to: AMEK Council on a quarterly basis

Terms of reference.

The committee shall:
1. Overseeing the development and adoption of, and compliance with, the Code of Ethics for our profession
2. Elaborate, interpret and amend (when necessary and with the nod of the AMEK Council)the Code of Ethics for our profession
3. Address problems related to ethics referred to the association and advise the AMEK Council on how to handle the specific cases
4. Advise the association on ethical issues related to its core strategies and priorities
5. Advising the AMEK Council on steps to be taken to establish a culture of integrity and honesty among the professionals
6. Devise means of providing support to members in need
7. Maintain a diary of social events of members
8. Engaging with regulatory bodies, industry groups, advisers and other stakeholders over ethical issues.
9. Advise the association on matters pertaining to ethical and welfare issues that arise from scientific and technological progress in the Healthcare Technology and ethical issues of interest or concern to the profession
10. Maintain the confidentiality of documents and, where appropriate, committee deliberations


The five (5) members of the committee are equal and share responsibility for the work of the committee. The committee comprises:

• The members are appointed by the AMEK Council on the basis of interest, experience and expertise.
• Chair: AMEK Council shall appoint


1 Mrs. Joyce Mugo Council Member Chairman 0722 653176
2 Antony Muriuki Nairobi Women Member 0721 348007
3   Elizabeth Kamusa  Vihiga County Member  0724 551483
4 Sellah Aseso Machakos County Member 0715 024776
5 Jaffer Kalama National Govt Member  0720 306521

Term: 3 years but subject to review from time to time

Quorum: 3 voting members

Secretariat: AMEK Headquarters

Meetings: At least twice per year, and teleconferences as required

Distribution of minutes: Members of the committee, the AMEK Council and the Regional Representatives whenever appropriate.


 MARVIN NANDWA – 0728 460365


All committee Chairmen shall be reporting and updating the Vice Chairman who will then be briefing the Council and advising the Council on the progress of the Committees.

In case a decision to be arrived at requires voting in any of the Committees the AMEK Chairman, vice Chairman and the Secretary General CANNOT participate in voting.