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Biomedical Excellence Day


GE Healthcare (www.GEHealthcare.com) today hosted the first "Biomedical Excellence Day" in Kenya during which more than 100 biomedical engineers were trained by local and international experts. The engineers were drawn from both government and private health centers from across Kenya’s 47 counties. The training was organized in partnership with the Association of Medical Engineering of Kenya (AMEK) and held in Nairobi.  Read More >>

Organization and Governance

AMEK is a professional Association registered under CAP 108 of the laws of Kenya section 10 of the Societies Rule vide registration number 18803 of the 9th July 1998.The Association Secretariat currently is housed at the Ministry of health head office Afya House Medical Engineering Services Division MESD Annex Building –Nairobi

The Association is governed by the council elected and mandated by the General Assembly at annual general meeting and the executive council of office bearers is responsible for day to day running of the affairs of the Association

                                                                    The 2019 AMEK COUNCIL



(Hon. Edward Muyeko Matekwa)


Vice Chair    

(Hon. Symon Mbaka)

Secretary General

(Hon. Millicent Alooh)


(Hon. Amos Mamati)

Women Rep

(Beth Njaramba)

sellah khalif

Asst Sec. General

(Hon. Selah Aseso)

 Organizing Secretary

(Hon. Khalif Dekow)

Council Members
nelson annerose paschal felix
Nelson Kariuki
Annerose Gitau
Paschal Njoka
 Felix Kariboro
Council Member
Council Member
Council Member
Council Member





View the entire list and contacts here>>

Previous Council Members

2015 AMEK Council

2010 AMEK Council

2007 AMEK Council

2004 AMEK Council

2003 AMEK Council

1998 AMEK Council

1997 AMEK Council



Office Assistant


The association is looking for  a suitable  person to occupy the above vacant office immediately.

Duties of this office are:
1.    Running of day to day affairs of the AMEK office (secretariat)
2.    Receiving all information regarding the Association and communicating the same to the executive officials
3.    Receiving membership applications forms and processing of the approved certificates
4.    Participate in all the AMEK programmes and calendar of events as laid down by the Executive
5.    Prepare meeting venues and meeting minutes prior to the start of all meetings
6.    Any other duty assigned by the executive through the Hon. Secretary General

1.    Certificate in Business management
2.    Front office management
3.    Good Communication skills
4.    Any other relevant qualifications
5.    Computer Knowledge is mandatory (MS Word, Excel & Access) those with quick books training will have an added advantage.

Willing applicants are asked to apply to the Hon. Secretary General, Association of Medical Engineering of Kenya, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to reach the undersigned on or before 10.00 am 28th April, 2014.
Our terms are very competitive but dictated by the current labour regulations within Nairobi county, However you are free to state your pay anticipation in application.

Symon Mbakah
Hon. Secretary General